East Anglia plumbing supplies

Welcome to our online plumbing supplies shop. We aim to provide all of our customers with quality plumbing products at low prices.

Not only are our prices second to none but:

We will provide all of our customers with our extensive knowledge in the plumbing industry as we here at East Anglia Plumbing Supplies know how frustrating it is to wait for a product to arrive only to find out it’s incorrect as the wrong information given.

Why are we so knowledgeable and helpful?

Because our family business was formed in 1966 so we strongly believe that with 50 years under our belts in the plumbing and heating industry we can pass on our knowledge to all our customers to avoid the stress of incorrect plumbing products turning up at your door! Therefore here at East Anglia Plumbing Supplies, we have decided to expand into the online market to help all our customers with offering our knowledge and more importantly great prices on all plumbing and heating products.

What are the reasons for using us at East Anglia Plumbing Supplies?

• 50 years knowledge and experience
• Great bulk-buy deals
• Regularly updated products
• Free delivery on all orders over £25
• We keep all of our prices low so we can help forward These savings onto our customers.
• Friendly service If you like our products please make sure to share on your Social media sites so we can continue to grow and offer great products at great prices.

Thank you from the EAPS team 🙂 🙂


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